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Good credit auto loans give the customer the ability to shop for loan rates. Bad credit auto Loans are readily available; however, you need to take the time to explore your online auto loan financing options. Review your credit score history, and know your auto loan rates and terms before going to the dealer to make your buying decisions. Once you have submitted your auto loan application, you will receive notice in a matter of minutes if you’ve been approved for the purchase of your next car. When approved for a bad credit car loan, no one but you and your bank will know what your car loan terms are. And the best part, you can expect to receive your blank check voucher to carry like a check to your auto dealership within one business day. Nothing could be easier!

Advantages of online auto loan financing

The biggest advantage of online auto loan financing, especially for a bad credit auto loan s, is having the power of a cash buyer. YOU get to negotiate the best price for the new or used car you are interested in with the auto dealership of your choice, and save the embarrassment of dealing with a salesperson over a bad credit auto loan. Also, having your auto loan financing in place when you arrive at the dealership will prevent you from being forced to complete endless detailed paperwork required by the car dealer. You simply request a “One Pay Contract” without giving the auto dealer your SS# or any other personal information. Having poor credit doesn’t mean you can’t get new and used car loans. It just means you need to weigh the options available to you, and use those options to begin rebuilding your credit to increase your chances for better auto loan rates in the future.

Protect your interests at the time of purchase

1) If you are unable to secure online direct auto loan financing, you still have the option for auto dealer financing; however, please consider obtaining your credit rating before visiting the dealer.
2) When purchasing a used car, know the wholesale/retail value of the car you are interested in.
3) Once you have struck your deal with the car dealer, read the entire auto loan financing contract closely.
4) Stay away from auto dealer finance add-on’s! Don’t sign anything you don’t understand.

Know your credit score

Get your FICO credit score now. Potential auto loan lenders view your personal credit history for determination of your creditworthiness. The Fair, Isaac & Co (FICO) score is the most common. A higher score means you are less of a credit risk and ultimately provides you with the best rates. Auto Lenders will review your past and current payment credit history and your current outstanding balances. Near-limit or maxed-out credit accounts can impact up to 30% of your credit score. Also be sure to check out Car Safe Storage Applying at too many different individual places can also affect your score. Many recent inquiries or newly established accounts can adversely affect your credit by about 10%. Check your credit score at least once a year, so you know what your creditors know.

Choices in auto loan financing

Online auto loan financing is NOT only for auto purchase applicants. At National Auto Loans you also have options to refinance your current auto, or buy a pre-owned car from a private party . We offer nationwide auto loans for good and bad credit. Simply click the appropriate auto loan request type when completing your auto loan financing application.

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